We have been awarded the legal profession's highest rating for ability and integrity by Martindale-Hubbell. As one of the top two moneymakers in Michigan, we have paid over $500 million to our injured clients.

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Zeff and Zeff, P.C. Settlements

Below is a small selected sampling of verdicts less than $6 million. These illustrate the non-catastrophic verdicts obtained by Mr. Zeff, who at one time led the nation in verdicts over $1 million:

$5,300,000:  Premises Liability - Wrongful Death 
$3,600,000:  Product Liability - Eye Injury Caused by Battery 
$1,250,000:  Product Liability - Impairment of Use of Right Arm by Power Press 
$1,010,000:  Wrongful Death - Fell Into Unguarded Boiler Plate Floor 
$1,016,000:  Premises Liability - Burned by High-Voltage Wire 
$1,000,000:  Medical Malpractice - Impairment of Hearing 
$1,000,000:  Product Liability - Injury to Hand From Defective Machine 
$1,200,000:  General Negligence - Gunshot Wound 
$2,100,000:  Product Liability - Injury to Arm From Defective Conveyor 
$1,140,000:  Wrongful Death - Death of Child From Garbage Truck 
$3,800,000:  General Negligence - Brain Damage 
$5,000,000:  Wrongful Death - Auto Accident 
$3,800,000:  Auto Accident - Head and Neck Injury 
$5,500,000:  Family Law - Divorce Settlement 
$1,400,000:  Soft Tissue Injury


Information on high-profile cases and verdicts in excess of the amounts shown above will be provided upon written request only.